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FCI - Florida Statewide Decon Procedures


Taking a Stand Against Cancer - Orange County, CA

Preliminary Exposure Reduction - Davie FD

FFSHC - Senator Sarbanes Award 2019

On Scene Decon - Miami Dade - 2019

Charlotte County, FL - Post Fire Decon - 2019

Cancer in the Fire Service - Miami Dade - 2018

Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center - Working to Protect Firefighters

Coral Springs - Our Story - 2018

Hoods for Heroes - 2018

Protecting Those That Protect you – Cancer Prevention at the Lakeland Fire Department - 2018

Half Mask for VOC - PBCFR - 2017

Gross Decon Confidence Burn - 2018

Post Fire On-Scene Decon - 05/2017

Firefighter Cancer Prevention - 04/2016

Wall of Honor of those lost to cancer - 06/2015

Changing the Rules of the Game - 06/2015

Firefighter Cancer Initiative - Press Conference - 06/2016

11 initiatives of the FCSN White Paper - 01/2016

The Game Changer - 04/2012

Media Coverage - on Retired Captain Butch Smith - 06/2012

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