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K-9 Peer Support

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K9 Peer Support Initiative

About the Initiative:

The Florida Firefighters Health and Safety Collaborative K9 Peer Support Initiative, was started to offer First Responders a certified, organized and structured response, from a cadre of well-trained K-9 Response Teams. The team will provide Animal Assisted Crisis Response (AACR) consisting of a Certified Handler and a trained registered Certified Therapy Dog


To reduce stress, anxiety and suicide ideation experienced by First Responders, by mitigating the effects of trauma, tragedy and loss, so they can better take care of themselves and resume their mission to be of service to others.


Type 1 HandlerBoth CISM and one of the peer support certifications, 2-hour self-care training, K9 first aid and CPR

Type 2 Handler: One peer support certification, National Certified Registered Therapy Dog certification, completion of AACR course. These are the minimum for a team to be considered Type 2.  (Type 2 Handlers can respond to State-wide incidents with approval from the State Coordinator or designee and working in tandem mentored by a Type 1 Handler)

Type 1 handlers will be utilized first for call outs and deployments. 


To Community of First Responders:

  1. Organized, certified, and trained local response
  2. Organized, certified, and trained State-wide response

To K9 Response Teams

  1. Assistance if needed in the expediting of securing a K9 from an animal rescue provider
  2. In person or virtual instructor-led training and evaluation to certify as a member of the FFHSC Response Canine Team
  3. Assistance in acquisition of required yearly Self-Care Training
  4. Leadership guidance and organization to requested State-wide Emergency Responses


Response Canine Teams will provide comfort, stress relief, emotional support, and crisis intervention as part of a Peer Support group response, or for an individual affected by a crisis or disaster. Secondarily, Response Canine Teams Members, will be able to provide resources to those affected by chronic or acute stress, by referring contacts to appropriate advance caregivers vetted by FFHSC.

Our Ethics Policy

The Florida Firefighters Safety & Health Collaborative is an organization formed to provide our members shared knowledge and resources based on best practices and research available from a myriad of confirmed resources. This website serves as a vehicle to share this information. It is not the intent of our Collaborative to operate for the benefit of private interests, to sponsor or endorse ANY specific agency, vendor, manufacturer or product. Nor is it our intent to support or endorse any political candidate or campaign for elected public office.

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