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The Florida Firefighters Safety & Health Collaborative is a free program to fire departments looking to enhance and maintain an effective safety committee or safety program.


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The Collaborative provides free training, protocols, and guidelines that support best practices as they relate to safety and health in the fire service. Contact us today to learn more about how you can help.

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The Clinician Awareness class was held June 26-27 at the Central Florida Fire Training Facility. Instructors Chris Bator, Jeremy Hurd, Larry Doelling, and Dustin Hawkins utilized this intensive class to provide clinicians an opportunity to learn more about the firefighter culture in order to be more effective in treatment of firefighters.   The class was full with 45 attendees who enjoyed the unique learning experience and intimate insight. The intensive 16 hour program's content immerses the student immediately into the unique language, dynamic personality, and trauma immersed life of the first responder.   The Second portion of day 1 allowed the Clinicians a hands-on perspective of the intensity and physically demanding nature of what it means to "walk a mile in our boots". The clinicians "gear up" and got to work in the training tower in a simulated smoke environment with the goal of better understanding how the first responders function as a cohesive unit by preforming a building search and victim rescue.  Day two allows the Clinicians to interact one on one with first responders whom have successfully developed resiliency skills through professional programs to better understand the mindset of first responders in crisis and how to bridge the gaps in treatment. 

Thank you to Jeremy Hurd for organizing the FFSHC Southeast Regional Safety Stand Down at Palm Beach County Fire Rescue. The free 3 day event held June 18 – 20 included classes covering firefighter cancer prevention, leadership, mental wellness, firefighter safety and health and fitness. 

This year’s theme was BE AWARE – GET CHECKED. Firefighters face many risks such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, PTSD, and more, and early detection through annual medical evaluations and physicals saves lives.

A special thanks to our vendors who provided food and snacks – Lexipol, Ten-8 Fire Equipment, Lumiere Healing Centers, and Elan Recovery & Wellness.

On April 5thover 80 fire service and private industry leaders joined together at the first regional meeting of the Northwest FFSHC. Thanks to Chief Talbert and Cpt Brian Hughes for organizaing the launch, complete with presentations from Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, FFSHC Directors, and the Firefighter Cancer Support Network.

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The Florida Firefighters Safety & Health Collaborative is an organization formed to provide our members shared knowledge and resources based on best practices and research available from a myriad of confirmed resources. This website serves as a vehicle to share this information. It is not the intent of our Collaborative to operate for the benefit of private interests, to sponsor or endorse ANY specific agency, vendor, manufacturer or product. Nor is it our intent to support or endorse any political candidate or campaign for elected public office.

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