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The Florida Firefighters Safety & Health Collaborative is a free program to fire departments looking to enhance and maintain an effective safety committee or safety program.


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The Collaborative provides free training, protocols, and guidelines that support best practices as they relate to safety and health in the fire service. Contact us today to learn more about how you can help.

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Palm Beach County Fire Rescue, Coral Springs Fire, Osceola Fire Rescue, Broward Fire Rescue, Davie Fire Rescue, Miami Dade Fire and our Statewide FACE Team were honored to be part of the 2018 Dolphin's Cancer Challenge held throughout the City of Miami last month, with a finish for all races at the 50 yard line of the Hard Rock Stadium, and a celebration on the field for hours after.  

The death of those we consider innocent is hard to reconcile. When there are multiple deaths involving children, it affects all of our society. The more media coverage involved, the more impact the call often has. Other than family members and close friends, first responders are often those affected the most by such incidents. The terrible tragedy that took place at Stoneman Douglas High School was the type of event that overwhelms resources and those who respond. Our brothers and sisters in the Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Department and other surrounding Departments responded to the scene and performed as professionals in the face of the horrific scene. Their actions saved countless lives. . . and then they were left to deal with the emotions that came from the images and experiences of the day.

Our collaborative team is incredibly honored to be the recipient of important funding needed to assist with our mental wellness initiatives as well as our overall goals as an organization.

One of our anchor initiatives these funds will assist is Redline Rescue. The Collaborative Mental Wellness team has created a comprehensive approach to assist in answering the PTSD mental wellness challenges for the fire service and beyond. “Beyond” because the system can be modified to embrace the similar challenges found in law enforcement, military and other first responders personnel.

Decision makers for Ten8 met with us in December of 2017 as they considered our approach in collaboration, prevention and education to be worthy of funding due to their company’s common goals to positively affect the health and longevity of our fire service personnel.

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The Florida Firefighters Safety & Health Collaborative is an organization formed to provide our members shared knowledge and resources based on best practices and research available from a myriad of confirmed resources. This website serves as a vehicle to share this information. It is not the intent of our Collaborative to operate for the benefit of private interests, to sponsor or endorse ANY specific agency, vendor, manufacturer or product. Nor is it our intent to support or endorse any political candidate or campaign for elected public office.

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