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Our collaborative team is incredibly honored to be the recipient of important funding needed to assist with our mental wellness initiatives as well as our overall goals as an organization.

One of our anchor initiatives these funds will assist is Redline Rescue. The Collaborative Mental Wellness team has created a comprehensive approach to assist in answering the PTSD mental wellness challenges for the fire service and beyond. “Beyond” because the system can be modified to embrace the similar challenges found in law enforcement, military and other first responders personnel.

Decision makers for Ten8 met with us in December of 2017 as they considered our approach in collaboration, prevention and education to be worthy of funding due to their company’s common goals to positively affect the health and longevity of our fire service personnel.

While the check for $10,000 presented Friday night at Fire Rescue East is incredibly important, what was more endearing to us is the formed partnership with Ten-8 moving forward.

The legacy of Ten-8 is why we feel this way. The company’s founder Chief Don Bouwer started Ten-8 because as a customer he didn't feel taken care of after the sale. He wanted to create a company that serviced its customers not just before but excel in service after the sale. His honesty and integrity is what made him succeed. He truly cared about his customers and became friends with each of them. Please see more about Don Bouwer life and legacy at https://ten8fire.com/2017/06/ten8-don-bouwer

A special thanks to Keith Chapman, Cindy Morgan and Stacey Abraham of Ten-8.

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