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CLEAN CAB CONCEPT - Coral Springs meets Chief Operating Officer of Pierce

During this past year, Coral Springs Fire Department has moved out in front in Florida, and maybe in the nation, for the number of Clean Cab Fire Apparatus they've put in service since FF cancer has affected several of the their Firefighters and the loss of their beloved Driver Operator - Pauly "Strong" Pietrafesa last November. (48 years YOUNG).

This has gained the attention of Pierce's Chief Operating Officer ,Ten-8 and other fire departments and organizations. An invite was in order. 

Coral Spring's Chief Frank Babinec (Chair of the Health and Safety Committee of the Florida Fire Chiefs' Association) graciously called together our Florida Firefighters Safety and Health Collaborative's State FACE Team, Firefighter Cancer Support Network, Florida Chapter , Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center and City of Miami Fire Rescue Dept to their main headquarters for a workshop on CLEAN CAB. 

The two high level leaders of this large manufacturer of Fire Apparatus wanted guidance and listened intently on how to comprehensively create an innovative and official clean cab design that would give a strong "industry answer" at long last to the issue of contaminated PPE, SCBAs and equipment that are typically mounted inside the living cab of our American Fire Apparatus. 

This meeting will more than likely be the first of many such meetings and hopefully the start of a dynamic shift in the way we ALL view what's acceptable and healthy for our fire engines & apparatus. We're certainly happy to say "STAY TUNED".

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