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The Florida Firefighters Safety & Health Collaborative is a free program to fire departments looking to enhance and maintain an effective safety committee or safety program.


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The Collaborative provides free training, protocols, and guidelines that support best practices as they relate to safety and health in the fire service. Contact us today to learn more about how you can help.

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The Florida Firefighters Safety & Health Collaborative is a FREE Program to Fire Departments looking to enhance, and maintain an effective Safety Committee and/or Safety Program. The Collaborative was founded in 2016 and is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

We currently have 6 regions covering the State of Florida. Northwest Florida, Northeast Florida, Central Florida, West Central Florida, Southwest Florida and Southeast Florida. We are currently working with depts. in the Tampa area (Central West Florida Region), our goal is to add regions in the Keys in the near future.

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Redline Rescue provides quick free access to Peer Support members and culturally competent clinicians.Redline Rescue is dedicated to the mission of serving firefighters and their families in their times of need. We’re a community of firefighters and professionals committed to serving those who serve tirelessly.

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Firefighter Cancer Prevention Learn how we are raising awareness through a team approach focused on prevention and education.
Mental Wellness Understand how effective emotional and mental wellness techniques are used to react to our unique job stress.
Health and Fitness Read how improving overall health and physical fitness helps avoid injury and illness.
Firefighter Safety Read how we recommend response to a myriad of incidents in a safe and efficient manner.
Caregiver Connection Learn about resources for caregiver-based support and services.

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Donate today and help save lives.

Our mission is clear.

The risks our brothers and sisters in the fire service face each day can have serious impacts on both their professional and personal lives. We’re positioned to bridge the gaps that can often stop our fellow firefighters from getting the help they need. Let’s work together to build a support network focused on providing education and resources to those who need it most.

The donation process is simple and secure.

While we know what needs to be done, we need your help to get there. Your support today can changes the lives of those already touched by tragedy, help us develop preventative measures for those serving today, and honor those who came before us.

Our Ethics Policy

The Florida Firefighters Safety & Health Collaborative is an organization formed to provide our members shared knowledge and resources based on best practices and research available from a myriad of confirmed resources. This website serves as a vehicle to share this information. It is not the intent of our Collaborative to operate for the benefit of private interests, to sponsor or endorse ANY specific agency, vendor, manufacturer or product. Nor is it our intent to support or endorse any political candidate or campaign for elected public office.

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